For the past 30 years, Spaulding Manufacturing Incorporated has been continuously pushing the limits and boundries for what Road Maintainance Equipment should be. Our products reflect our strong link to innovative, yet intuitive crafting. From recycling asphalt to sealing cracks, We are always looking ahead to the future. With 30 years of manufacturing comes 30 years of awards and certificates. A few of them to the right of our page include: APWA awards, NATM guideline certification, and MMTC Michigan made equipment. Our main focus and goal will forever be to create the safest, most affordable, and most reliable Road Maintainance Equipment there is to offer.

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Chassis Mount

The Spaulding RMV Chassis-Mount comes in several combinations, and with several different options. The fuel sources are propane and diesel in air or oil-jackets, and have a patended pending heating system to deliver even heat from the front to the rear of the delivery chute.

The Spaulding RMV Chassis Mount comes in sizes from 1-6 ton size capacities. They can either be equipped with a high power augering syster to auger asphalt out, or be built with a hydraulic scissor-hoist to feed the asphalt out the back.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Continuous Welds
  • Automatic Temperature Controller
  • Surge/Electric Brakes
  • Tandem Axles
  • Heated Unloading Platform
  • Commercial Rated Tires
  • Solvent Tank for Shovels
  • 105,000 BTU Burner for Diesel
  • In-Wall Heat System for Even Heat



  • Heated 15-30 Gallon Tank Tank with Spray Hose
  • Beacon Warning Lighting/Strobe/Arrow Stick
  • Hand Held Torch with Hose
  • Hoist with Area for Roller or Plate Tamper
  • Vibratory Roller
  • 15 Gallon Water Tank
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Air Compressor
  • Hydraulic Lift for Roller or Tamper Cone Holder

Crack Sealer

When it comes time to save your roads by filling cracks, the Spaulding Crack Sealer is a machine that makes this chore fast and efficient. The Spaulding Crack Sealer comes in two sizes, 125 and 225 gallon, and can melt down any rubber sealant for seal coating on the market.

Its efficient electric heated hose, and overnight heating capability ensures a quick start-up time for maintenance crews. This oil-jacketed system is fully insulated, and is designed to keep materail at correct temperatures for long periods of time. The highly innovative heating system keeps the material hot when it leaves the kettle to the tip of the wand, so you don’t have to worry about “cold spots.”