Sreco Flexible

Since 1932, SRECO Flexible has been providing pipe cleaning solutions favored by municipalities, contractors and government agencies worldwide. The company’s focus has been to deliver premium-built equipment along with the service and support our customers and end-users deserve.

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Rodder Truck - Mechanical Sewer Rodders

Conserve Precious Resources… Save water and reduce energy costs with mechanical rodding. Our versatile, non-jetting approach to root cutting and debris removal gives sewer cleaning pros an environmentally-friendly advantage over conventional high-pressure water tools.  Available with robotics, Sreco truck mounted rodders offer ultimate value for a time tested piece of equipment. SRECO rodders can be equipped with a variety of cutting blades and cleaning tools for optimum cleaning versatility. Sectional and continuous rod is available, including the company’s famous Blu-Steel® Sectional rod.

Trailer Rodder - Mechanical Sewer Rodders

Robotic Sewer Rodders are available in trailer-mounted, truck-mounted, sectional and continuous types of machines.

Truck Mounted Flusher - Mechanical Sewer Rodders

The cleaning superpower you’ve been searching for. The HV2000 is a versatile truck mounted jet for efficiently handling your toughest pipe cleaning projects. This feature rich machine is ideally suited for municipalities, sewer service and industrial cleaning contractors alike.