Manufactured in Texas for over 30 years, PipeHunter has developed a reputation for building reliable, simple, and powerful equipment throughout the sewer cleaning industries. From municipalities to contractors, PipeHunter has the tools and support you need to get the job done. From combination trucks down to easement machines, we will work to customize the unit for your exact needs. We will work with you down to the last detail on things like hose length, water capacity, toolboxes, pump flow and chassis specifications.

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Full-Size Combination Sewer Cleaner (5 Yard - 15 Yard Debris Tank)

Take a peek at our PipeHunter Combination Sewer Cleaner. Debris tank sizes range from 5-yards and up to 15-yards with stainless steel options available on both the debris and water tanks. Front-mounted hose reel features 180-degree articulation. A side-mounted hydro excavation package (optional) makes this a multi-purpose unit for any department. Durability meets performance on this easy-to-use PipeHunter combo truck.

3-Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner (No CDL Required) - Single Barrel

We have revamped our industry leading non-CDL 3-yard combination machine. This unit now includes a 600-gallon stainless steel water tank design, ditching the previous aluminum saddle tanks. The change allows for increased tool storage along the deck to go along with an improved appearance. The PipeHunter mini combo can be equipped with water systems ranging from 30 @ 4,000 PSI to 40 or 50 GPM @ 3,000 PSI. This truck also includes a 6” vacuum system with a 3000 CFM PD blower. Among competing non-CDL combo trucks on the market this truck provides more water capacity, included stainless steel water tank design, more vacuum power, more water system options and more hose capacity making it the headliner in its class.

3-Yard Combination Sewer Cleaner (No CDL Required) w/ Saddle Tanks

Introducing the PipeHunter Combination Sewer Cleaner. No commercial driver’s license needed to operate. Power and simplicity come together to deliver the best and most reliable performance on the market. This unit was developed utilizing years of experience in both building and trendsetting jetting equipment. Our simplicity allows for both ease of operation and reduced downtime.

Combination Trailers

If you are looking for both vacuum and jetting capabilities without the budget for a full-sized combo truck, our combination trailer may be the exact answer you are looking for. Our combination trailers harness the power of the VacHunter series while also giving you the reliability, power and simplicity of our renowned jetters. Like always, we look forward to customizing this unit for your exact needs.

Truck-Mounted Jetter

The PipeHunter Truck Mounted Sewer Jetting line offers a wide variety of options for your sewer jetting needs. Water capacities range from 500 to 4,000 gallons. Our truck mounted jetters can be fitted with single reel or dual reel setup. For more versatility we offer 180-degree hydraulic articulating base for your hose reel(s). Check out the link below for more options and images of the PipeHunter Truck Mounted Jetter.

Trailer Jetters

With hundreds of units across the United States, the PipeHunter trailer jetter is the most reliable in the industry. Our trailers are available on either single or tandem-axle frames. Our design for the trailer jetter is built around being simple and powerful. Our 180-degree hydraulic articulation allows operators to jet not just more easily, but safer as well. Whether you are looking for a single reel or dual reel system, 400 or 700 gallons of water, PipeHunter will give you the reliability and performance you are looking for.

Skid Mounted Jetters

Originally designed to meet the unique needs of a customer, our skid mounted jetter can be mounted onto just about any trailer or flatbed. Our skid mounted jetter also doubles as an incredible pressure washer. To learn more about the capabilities and portability of our unit, contact the PipeHunter office or your local PipeHunter representative.

VacHunter (Vacuum Trucks/Trailers)

If you are looking for vacuum power, look no further than our VacHunter series. Our VacHunters are available on both trailer, and truck-mounted. With a wide range of P.D. (positive displacement) blowers we can find the right fit for your vacuum needs. We also offer a variety of debris tank sizes.

Hydro Excavation (Truck or Trailer)

Our Hydro Excavation trucks or trailers come in a variety of options to meet your digging needs. With a wide range of flow, pressure, and debris tank sizes available, we can customize this truck to your unique needs. Non-CDL required Hydro Excavation trucks are available.

SideKick Articulating Easement Machines

Not all manholes offer street access and when your combo truck can’t reach or you don’t have quite enough hose to run the line, our Sidekick will help you get the job done. We offer both tracks, and articulating options which gives you more flexibility based on the terrain you are encountering.

Jet Eye Camera System

The PipeHunter Jet Eye Camera system is the best camera system in the country. Operators across the united states are producing footage that even combos can’t keep up with. The ability to see what is happening in the line during the cleaning process allows operators and managers to make better decisions and keep crews where problems arise instead of cleaning clean pipe.