Since 1986, Vac-Con, Inc. has manufactured more than 6000 custom-built, truck-mounted machines to serve the public and private environmental markets worldwide, and now employs nearly 300 people at its single location in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Vac-Con, Inc. is a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc. of Deerfield, IL, and is 100% employee owned.

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Combination Machine

Vac-Con is the industry leader in custom built combination cleaning machines. Equip your truck with their powerful 3 Stage Fan or a high pressure water system and prepare to clean some pipe! Standard options on your combination sewer or storm drain cleaner include:

Hydraulically operated front mount articulating hose reel, Cross Linked Polyethylene water tanks, High Pressure Giant Water Pump, 3 Stage Fan Vacuum System, Corten Steel Debris Tank, Hydraulic rear door locks, Exclusive automatic Vacuum breaker shut off system, Auxiliary Engine water pump drive, Hydrostatic blower drive, 270 degree rotation boom

Please contact us for a detailed list of all available options.



Vac-Con hydro-excavators are custom built to suit your specific application. We build trucks as small as 3 yards up to 16 yards. We use a variety of axle configurations and focus on productivity. Standard options include: Cross Linked Polyethylene water tanks, High Pressure Giant Water Pump, 3 Stage Fan Vacuum System, Corten Steel Debris Tank, Hydraulic rear door locks,wireless remote, Exclusive automatic Vacuum breaker shut off system. Hydro-excavation can be a dirty job and the Vac-Con automatic vacuum breaker shut off system extends the life of your vacuum system. Options include PD blowers, on board tool circuits (air, hydraulic), Rear mount articulating power flex boom, boiler, operator cabinet, water recirculation and many more!


Hot Shot Jet Rodders

Vac-Con®’s Hot Shot high-pressure water jet machines are ideal for removing stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge, and other debris from sanitary sewer and/or storm drain lines by the flushing action of high-pressure water. Hot Shot machines are equipped with a self contained, non-corrosive, non-metallic water tank and can be operated by one man, with all operating controls for high-pressure water, hose reel, located at the front of the machine for ease of operation and more safety.


Industrial Vacuum Machines

Vac-Con® machines consistently deliver more. That means more power to vacuum and removes solids, liquids, slurries and powders from hard to reach places. When you’re dealing with tough jobs in furnaces, conveyors, bag houses, cranes, pits and tanks, the higher performing, easier to use and safer Vac-Con® really delivers. Star bags make the difference! With superior cloth-to-air ratio, star bags do more with less. They are washable and are easy and economical to replace. Only 26 star bags do the work of many more conventional round bags and give Vac-Con® an efficient advantage.